Examples - Karate Mobile (Appium)

Please consider Mobile support as experimental. But we are very close and there are some teams that use Karate for simple use-cases. Please contribute code if you can.


This project is to replicate issues with the Karate UI framework for mobile app testing using appium.


Before running:

  • change karate.version in pom.xml
  • change platformVersion,avd in karate-config.js according to your local android avd setup and add/remove the desiredCapabilities according to your requirement.
  • start appium server manually when android.feature has configure driver with start: false
  • change configure driver to start: true if you want karate to start appium driver automatically (this is experimental and needs appium pre-installed via npm)

The android.feature is a simple Karate UI test, and executing AndroidRunner as a JUnit test will run it.

Refer Documentation for currently supported methods