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Karate Analytics

From version 1.2.0 onwards Karate sends a very limited set of events to a hosted instance of Posthog - an open-source analytics solution. Access to this is managed by the Karate Labs team.

Only one (anonymous) event is captured: which is when someone views the HTML report that Karate generates. Note that using the HTML report is completely optional.

Users can also disable HTML reporting via the API or command-line.

There is always the option of using a third-party report (via the JUnit-XML or Cucumber-JSON output).

Why We Need This Now

Karate is an open-source project and there is no direct way to track usage and whether awareness camapigns are working.

Now that we are a for-profit open-source company, a basic level of usage data will help us focus on the right areas of product development.

What Is Tracked

  • Anonymized Machine ID
  • Browser Details (including OS info)
  • Karate Version
  • How Karate was invoked (e.g. via IDE plugin, NPM)

Who Can See The Data

The dashboard is accessible only to the Karate Labs team that maintains Karate.