Karate Analytics

From version 1.2.0 onwards Karate sends a very limited set of events to a hosted instance of Posthog - an open-source analytics solution. Access to this is managed by the Karate Labs team.

Only one (anonymous) event is captured: which is when someone views the HTML report that Karate generates. Note that using the HTML report is completely optional.

If you set an OS environment property called KARATE_TELEMETRY to the value false, no events will be sent.

Users can also completely disable HTML reporting via the API or command-line.

There is always the option of using a third-party report (via the JUnit-XML or Cucumber-JSON output).

Why We Need This Now

Karate is an open-source project and there is no direct way to track usage and whether awareness camapigns are working.

Now that we are a for-profit open-source company, a basic level of usage data will help us focus on the right areas of product development.

What Is Tracked

  • Anonymized Machine ID
  • Browser Details (including OS info)
  • Karate Version
  • How Karate was invoked (via IDE plugin, NPM, etc.)

Who Can See The Data

The dashboard is accessible only to the Karate Labs team that maintains Karate.